Solar Solutions

Solar Solutions

TelHouse has significantly invested in and developed solar cells and is now poised to offer revolutionary solar solutions for individuals and corporations, and governments. We have taken the initiative to focus on local businesses to support home grown services and products. TelHouse has taken the lead in bringing the new solutions to current energy needs through the efforts of our 15 R&D engineers working in groups led by Dr. Faisal Fadul who has a background in sales and industrial marketing.

Our R&D family develops realistic solutions based on market demand and collaboration with different vendors around the world to develop solar cell solutions for home owners, telecommunications sites and various other applocations using cutting edge technologies.

A solar cell system for home owners can provide enough power for lighting, television, and satellite receivers. TelHouse offers a separate thermal solar system used for heating and providing hot water.

The concept of the offline grid system harnesses solar power by using PV modules to convert thermal energy into electrical energy. The PV modules are connected to a charge controller to charge the batteries and automatically disconnects when the batteries are fully charged. An inverter which is connected to the batteries is utilized to convert DC into AC and feed home electrical appliances. Below are several diagrams which illustrate the concept of our home solar cell:

Solar power for remote telecommunications sites:

TelHouse offers turn-key projects in PV (PhotoVoltaic), standalone and grid connected technologies by utilizing the expertise of its R&D dept. and high standards of in terms of quality, efficiency and service for each individual renewable energy system. The guiding philosophy of the growth and development of TelHouse lies in its quest for quality and its untiring commitment to excellence in service.