Single Model Tracking Device

Single Model Tracking Device

Vehicle Tracking Systems have been used for a variety of military and security applications in many modern armies such as the US army and security agencies worldwide.  Using these systems save lives and provide a tangible tactical advantage in a manner that can affect the outcome of battles when effectively utilized. There are many advantages to using these systems, especially in regions where security challenges are constantly evolving as is the case in several regions of Iraq.  Some of these advantages are:

  • The system provides a command and control center with exact locations of all equipped vehicles in real time on a 24/7 basis,
  • It provides a command and control center with exact locations of its fixed and mobile check points on a 24/7 basis,
  • It allows the command and control center to update in real time the locations of any security and military objectives or targets on a map to be viewed instantly by all or selective vehicles in the field,
  • It automatically, based on certain preconditions, alerts by SMS, e-mails, alarm and voice the command and control center of stolen, destroyed, lost or breached vehicles by terrorists or any hostile source,
  • It displays safe and unsafe roads, as well as fake and genuine check points on a map for vehicle drivers to avoid being trapped by terrorists,

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The revolutionary TelHouse’s VTS is easy to use, mobile, and provides every vehicle commander with superior navigational and situational awareness. This system begins with an umbrella broadband network that connects every vehicle with voice and data transmission while moving with the convoy. GPS enabled laptops loaded with mapping software and voice communications facilitate full integration for the convoy. The system provides the ability to easily load convoy routes on all vehicle laptops. The location of every equipped vehicle in relation to its intended route is available to every other equipped vehicle, providing a cohesive view of the convoy. The operation center or any of the vehicles can update the map on the go. When a convoy vehicle deviated from the planned route, the TelHouse’s VTS software was used to quickly verify the error and find the best way to reacquire the route. Checkpoints can be created on the map by the operation center and a convoy will be able to tell if the checkpoint in sight is an ambush or a real checkpoint.

Telhouse GPS Tracking System

A system highly customizable and tailored to fit each customer’s requirements leads to enhanced security and improved performance across the board. The system also allows for a simultaneous drop of complexity and improvement of security, by streamlining the process of planning convoy routes and allowing for effective adjustment on the fly. This solution has shown, through independent testing, the potential effectiveness of autonomous driving technologies in security and military convoys and provides a feasible solution to reduce task loading associated with convoy driving. Today’s vehicle operators are expected to drive, but also maintain situational awareness, attend to communication and navigation as well as respond to attacks. Addressing task load through the use of the TelHouse’s system provides a potential means of mitigating these demands on the driver and also improving overall convoy performance.

TelHouse Tri-mode vehicle tracking system (VTS) is an electronic device installed in any civilian or military vehicle to enable the driver, command and control center and or a third party to track the vehicle’s location, direction, speed, as well as a host of other information. This document illustrates a vehicle tracking system that works using GPS, GSM and CDMA technologies. This internal redundancy makes this system the most effective type of vehicle tracking and an unparalleled anti-theft system. It is an embedded system which is used for tracking and revealing the position of any equipped vehicle by using GPS, GSM and CDMA technologies. This design will continuously monitor a moving vehicle and report the status of the vehicle on demand.

● Successful Stories in Iraq:

TelHouse VTS’s are currently being used by several government and security companies in Iraq one of which is the Ministry of Construction and Housing, Baghdad, Iraq

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The Challenges
Having never had any sort of vehicle tracking installed on their fleet, The Hamorabi Company felt they had little control over the movement of their vehicles. They faced issues such as the unauthorized use of company vehicles outside of business hours, and not being able to send nearby drivers directly to a service call. Ultimately, this resulted in higher than necessary fuel costs.

The Solution
Using TelHouse’s VTS’s allowed the ministry to deliver:

  • A comprehensive and easy to use online tracking portal enabling the fleet to be monitored and tracked – with locations of vehicles updated every xx seconds
  • The ability to search for the live location of vehicles by codes
  • The automated capture of mileage and journey data including journey speeds, idle time, over-speed, ignition on/off and vehicle location
  • Powerful reporting including journey summaries, vehicle and fleet daily summaries, out-of-hours usage, servicing intervals, over-speed and idle times

Since installing the vehicle tracking system across their fleet, Hamorabi have managed to reduce their weekly fuel bill by 33%, and seen a marked increase in productivity. With automated data capture and bespoke reporting, the Hamorabi Company has streamlined the administration of their fleet in areas such as expense claiming, vehicle servicing and the monitoring of vehicle movements. The tracking system also aids in duty of care requirements, by monitoring driver behavior such as speeding and unauthorized vehicle use.