Hybrid Solutions

Hybrid Solutions

Hybrid controller:

TelHouse’s vision for a revolutionary future of renewable energy can be achieved by adopting a combination of both Wind Energy and Solar Power, ideal locations for which are plentiful in Iraq. In fact, long periods where there is no sun and no wind happens very occur. Since we’ve already implemented solutions based purely either on wind or solar, it was our next step by combining the both technologies into one hybrid system with distributing the size of the models or the turbines based on the statistics of the location. TelHouse already deployed such solutions for remote telecomm sites where there are no commercial power lines are available. These sites have been up and running for over 2 years and have provided us with real data pertinent to each of the systems.

TelHouse sees the hybrid power as a way to provide energy to the many remote communities in the developing world where the costs for large scale expansion of electrical grids are prohibitive and the transportation costs of diesel fuel are also very high.

The use of renewable power generation systems reduces the use of expensive fuels, allows for cleaner generation of electrical power and also improves the standard of living for many people in remote areas.

A hybrid power system consists of a wind turbine and a solar module connected to hybrid controller which charges the batteries if required, or provides DC power directly. In case of the requirement of AC power, an inventor is necessary to convert DC into AC.